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Top Quality Reconditioned & Used Range Rover Velar Engines

Range Rover Velar is one of the most exquisite looking vehicle that plugs the gap between Range Rover Evoque and the cheapest Range Rover Sport. Royal Rebuilds has decades of experience in replacing, fitting and rebuilding the Range Rover engines. We always keep a large stock of used and refurbished Range rover Velar engines and if by any chance we do not have the required engine available, we rebuild your existing faulty engine back up to the highest of standards. Best thing is that you can complete the whole process from your home and do not have to leave the safety of your home.  

Stunning Looks with Extensive Range of Engines

Range Rover Velar signalled the change in the mantra of Land Rover way of thinking where they always prioritize practicality over looks.  This stunning vehicle design and aerodynamic slippery looks makes Velar a pretty face on any road setting on any upscale boulevard. But, do not let the looks deceive you as there were no stones left unturned when the designers and engineers made sure that it is as capable on the road as it is off it.

When it comes to engine choice for that vehicle, you have plenty to choose from. The base engine starts from 247 hp turbocharged 2.0 four-cylinder engine that takes approximately 7 seconds to hit 60mph and return a modest fuel average of 20mpg in the city and 26 mpg on highway. There are more powerful choices that goes up to 395 hp and a supercharged V8 but such specifications take it to a different league and price range. Its handling is more concentrated upon luxury than sports and air suspension is also available for better control on the road and off road as well.

The cabin inside is a pleasant place to be, great quality and materials are deployed all over the cabin space. It’s garnished with latest technology gizmos as well such as infotainment and connectivity enabled devices on the dashboard. You can connect Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, voice control, eight speakers, in dash navigation, are offered as standard. Velar also come with driver assistance technologies such as automated braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control on the velar. You also get automated emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control on the velar.

In short, Range Rover Velar is an excellent choice when you are an executive with exclusive taste and require an upscale vehicle to compliment your personality.

Engine Replacement for Range Rover Velar

One of the selling points for Range Rover apart from its comfort is its supreme reliability. Although things have changed now and with the raft of technological advances introduced and incorporated in the engine, it is now more prone to faults and problems than ever before. If the problems are not that bad then its fine and few trips to the workshop are not bad but if the problems are persisting and trips to the workshop are continuous appearance then you should think about the ultimate option of engine replacement.

You can take the safest option and go for a brand-new crate engine from the dealership and drive countless miles of stress-free driving. Only problem with this option is that its not cheap and buying a crate engine from the dealership and then getting it fitted from them could cost you a lot. Royal Rebuilds could come to your rescue here and we can provide used or reconditioned Range Rover Velar engines at affordable prices. We always keep a large stock of all sorts of Land Rover engines. You can choose to have a used reliable and robust second hand engine or a reconditioned engine. A reconditioned engine is basically a used engine that is dismantled once in our facility. Engine is cleaned and any suspect part is replaced and the engine is re assembled. A reconditioned engine is way cheaper than a new engine but is as good as a new engine when it comes to performance and reliability.

If by any chance we do not have the required engine available in stock then we have the option available to rebuild your existing faulty engine of Range Rover Vouge.

Why Choose Royal Rebuilds?

We have decades of experience under our belt when it comes to replacing the engines and reconditioning them. We started procuring and updating the relevant equipment that was specifically required to get the Land Rover engine replacement jobs done. We have one of the largest stock piles of used and reconditioned Range Rover engines that you can purchase with complete confidence.  We have devised most up to date and efficient techniques to get the job done. Our engine restoration is one of its kind and we guarantee exceptional results when it comes to total engine reconstruction.

Complete Customer Satisfaction and Huge Savings

Our business model pays a lot of stress upon providing complete and utter customer satisfaction to our clients. We achieve this by offering written warranty on every engine that is sold by us depending on the condition of the engine. This gives them a sense of relief and increase their confidence on our product and our way of working.

There are also huge savings available when you buy the used or reconditioned engine from us. Buying a used or reconditioned engine or getting an engine rebuilt is cheaper than buying a crate engine. Keep an eye on our website during the festive period as a further 10% discount is on offer to celebrate during that time.

Fast and Reliable Pick and Drop Services

Its not always possible for everyone to come and collect a used or reconditioned engine from us hence we offer fitting service where you can just bring your vehicle and get the engine replaced or you can contact us and we would collect your vehicle from where ever you want us from, bring the vehicle into our facility and get the engine replaced. We would do our routine testing to ensure the quality of the procedure is maintained and once we are satisfied with the results, we would return the vehicle back to the address that you provide us. This way you do not have to leave the safety of your home and we can complete the whole process without exposing you to any danger during the worst pandemic the world has ever seen.


Reconditioning Process Explained


Each engine is first stripped down to its bare components. Using specialist cleaning equipment (Kerosene bath and high temperature solvent washer) all engine components are degreased and thoroughly cleaned.


After disassembling the units they are then sent for machining where all engine block cylinders are professionally honed, All cylinder heads are pressure tested, skimmed, valve seats are cut and all valves are resurfaced.


In assembly stage of the engine reconditioning process, brand new Eristic gaskets are used, ACL bearings are used for the mains and big ends and gas nitride piston rings are fitted to ensure quality parts are used throughout. Crankshaft journals are checked and measured to assess condition and then are polished or reground where necessary Also the engine is timed up with a brand new timing kit.

Quality Control

All throughout the assembly process strict quality control measures are enforced. All measurements are double checked to make sure the final product is reliable for years to come.

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