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Range Rover 3 Engines

Royal Rebuilds are experts in providing excellent used and refurbished Range Rover 3 replacement engines and if we do not have the required engine in stock, we can rebuild the existing engine for you. Our rates are competitive and services are second to none.

Range Rover 3 was dreamed up by the newly formed management of BMW after they acquired the brand. Most of the components were provided by the German manufacturer and that is always considered a plus for this vehicle. If you happen to drive the Range Rover 3 on regular basis then at some point you might start getting the odd problems here and there. If the visits to the workshop become too often then your workshop might ask you for a long-term solution, which is either engine replacement or engine rebuild.

Why Engine Change is necessary and Your Options

A V8 is not just a machine, in fact it is a huge mechanical and electrical mechanism that only work well when every piece in the puzzle works in perfect harmony with other. The amount of stress those heavy-duty machines can go under is astonishing and can have lasting effects. Small adjustments or parts replacements are always required to keep them running but if the workshop visits become too often and the budget start to get severely affected, then you should think about replacing or rebuilding the engine.

Anyone can go ahead and buy an engine from the dealer ship but saving while buying an almost new engine or getting your existing engine turned into brand new is a real art. A crate engine is a choice that is always available with the dealership but it is an ultra-expensive deal and a budget breaker.

You can save considerable amount of money if you choose to buy reconditioned Range Rover engine from us. We always have Range Rover 3 engines in stock and can provide them at cheap prices. An even better choice is to go for refurbished engine. This is a slightly used engine that is thoroughly checked by our mechanics and every suspect part is replaced with new parts. So, this engine is way cheaper than a new one but works as good as a new one anyway.

Revolutionary Off Road Vehicle

BMW owned the Range Rover at the time they dreamed up the 3rd generation Range Rover. Wolfgang Reitzle and Geoff Upex were in charge but by the time they were about to put the plans from the paper to the actual vehicle, BMW sold the company to Ford. Ford management liked the new design and went ahead with it. Its designers were clear about the two main objectives, it should have the supreme cross-country ability and it should have the absolute luxury while maintaining the elegant styling details for the Range Rover.

Designers did a good job in maintaining the classic lines of the Range Rover and you cannot mistake it anything other than the Range Rover. This brand has enjoyed the royalty status since its inception and no other competition could come closer to the refined handling, performance and comfort. But now the competition is catching up and introducing vehicles that are giving the Rangie a run for its money.

Range Rover 3 have realized the threat coming from the well equipped and well-resourced competitors and came up with the most comfortable, luxurious and capable off-road vehicle they have ever produced. For the first time, ladder design chassis was diched and independent suspension was introduced. This immediately improved the on-road comfort and drive.

They took the old-fashioned engine out and replaced it with a German engineered V8 automatic monster that made all the difference. Range Rover 3 took a long leap of faith by putting its trust behind automotive electronics. Introducing dynamic stability control, anti-braking system, traction control, brake assists and hill descent control.

The new Range Rover gained weight and grew longer as well. Despite that, the latest technical advances and electronic gadgetry have made this vehicle more fluid and precise on the tarmac and more rigid and trusted on the off-road terrain.

All in all, Range Rover 3 was a huge gamble to the old conventional 4x4 known only for its off-road ability and rigidity, but BMW dreamed up a luxury vehicle that would not only run smooth on the tarmac but also a great fit for off roads too. It worked brilliantly and Range Rover was provided with a solid platform to build on which they did indeed in the next generation.

What Makes Royal Rebuilds the Ideal Choice?

There are many places offering Land Rover engine replacements or engine rebuilds but what makes us the obvious choice to get such important and intricate job done? Well, our experience in this field is something to start with. We have been in this business for over two decades and have performed thousands of such jobs. Testaments of our customers reflect on that fact. Over the years, we were able to build up a facility that specialize in engine replacements and rebuilds. We have specialized equipment to get the job done and we employ up to date and modern practices to provide best results.

There are times when we do not have the required engine available in our stock but this is when we bring our specialty to rebuild your existing engine and make it work like a new one. We ensure that our prices are affordable and our services are within reach to everyone.

100% Customer Satisfaction and Huge Savings

Our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction to every customer who comes in our workshop. To do this, we offer warranty to every customer on every engine replacement and engine rebuild depending on the condition of the engine.

You can save up to 50% when you choose to buy engine from us instead of buying a brand-new engine. our festive sales can add further 10% extra on that saving.

Pick and Drop Service for Your Vehicle

If you do not have time or resources to drop off your vehicle at our facility, we can arrange a pick and drop service at minimal charges. Within a workable radius, we come and pick the vehicle get it fixed, test it and then bring it back at your doorstep.


Reconditioning Process Explained


Each engine is first stripped down to its bare components. Using specialist cleaning equipment (Kerosene bath and high temperature solvent washer) all engine components are degreased and thoroughly cleaned.


After disassembling the units they are then sent for machining where all engine block cylinders are professionally honed, All cylinder heads are pressure tested, skimmed, valve seats are cut and all valves are resurfaced.


In assembly stage of the engine reconditioning process, brand new Eristic gaskets are used, ACL bearings are used for the mains and big ends and gas nitride piston rings are fitted to ensure quality parts are used throughout. Crankshaft journals are checked and measured to assess condition and then are polished or reground where necessary Also the engine is timed up with a brand new timing kit.

Quality Control

All throughout the assembly process strict quality control measures are enforced. All measurements are double checked to make sure the final product is reliable for years to come.

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