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Range Rover MK3 Was first To Have Terrain Response System

Range Rover Mk3

All wheels drive also help the vehicle to keep moving efficiently on different difficult tracks

Big size SUV in a boxy body design, Range Rover MK3 is quite capable to run on plain or rough tracks. For tough work, things need to keep simple and it is evident from the body of this vehicle. Abundant space inside also available due to this shape. Big front lights and grille also keep it simple in appearance.

Visibility from the driver’s seat is nice and for a big vehicle important too. Driving on a steep slope, rocky terrain, muddy fields and wading through water has been made possible with strong engine muscle. Range Rover MK3 reconditioned engines similarly perform well for several coming years.

In process of reconditioning these units have been made new so their output is quite satisfactory. Seller also offers a guarantee so buyers of remanufactured engines are confident about their performance. All wheels drive also help the vehicle to keep moving efficiently on different difficult tracks.

With great traction control, engine power and efficient braking make MK3 an excellent off road SUV. Four wheels independent air suspension has been made standard so that an extreme level of comfort is made available to cabin occupants. With off road abilities, the vehicle also runs nicely on asphalt so when you take on a road trip you find it refined.

Other than refinement road manners of the vehicle also commendable. The terrain Response system has been introduced in 2007 so the vehicle has been fully loaded with technology and comfort features.

Twin turbo diesel engine is the pick of the engine range

Range Rover is not a new SUV and has been enjoying popularity for its unique balance of power, refinement and off road abilities. In fact, over the years this vehicle has become stronger and more reliable. Remanufactured Range Rover MK3 engines are installed in SUVs so that they keep running on roads.

Remanufacturing is an art and while doing this sensitive job everything is carried out in a perfect manner. Engines for the vehicle were earlier borrowed from BMW but then Land Rover got them from Jaguar. With the passage of time bigger and powerful V8 diesel and petrol, units become the demand of buyers for this vehicle.

Twin turbo diesel engine is the pick of the engine range for MK3. This V8 power unit is quite capable of pulling a fully occupied SUV with ease. The 4.4 litre engine comes with a mammoth 700 Nm of torque and plenty of horsepower. Whereas fuel average remains 30.1 mpg, which is far better than 5.0 litre supercharged V8 option.

In Fuel efficiency diesel always wins and power delivery to wheels keep you a fan of diesel engines. The vehicle has made progress by leaps and bounds in cabin luxury. Earlier only off road ability was enough to appeal to the buyers but now they also demand comfort and luxury.

Responding to these demands the car maker has introduced many luxury features. The launch of modern SUVs by some famous luxury car producers has also pushed Range Rover to bring about changes to interior quality and feel. New models of the vehicle are altogether different from decade old Range Rover.

Tech features have also improved

You not only come across fine materials but also the fit and finish of the cabin have improved a great deal. Second row leg space is not generous otherwise you will not find anything below high standards. Fine wood and leather are seen everywhere so an upscale feel has been carried with the use of these two materials of high grade.

Tech features have also improved so that buyers do not feel shy to pay a huge amount for the vehicle. With the facelift, you get a refreshed vehicle so after a decade MK3 has not grown old. With many updates still, you can identify it as Range Rover. Range Rover MK3 used engines gives you a cheap option than a new engine.

LED headlights, bigger wheels and deft style changes give you contemporary look. Supercharged V8 petrol and diesel units are present and for ultimate performance, you must go with them. Otherwise turbocharged 4.4 litre is enough.

While cruising on motorways you cross other vehicles in a blink. This is really pleasing but high running cost requires a deeper pocket. Newly added gearbox shifts gears smoothly and acceleration never delayed.

Over bumps and ditches under wheels do not disturb

Without any road and wind noise cabin occupant never aware of the speed of MK3. It is as good as a limousine in refinement and luxury. The weight of the vehicle has increased but the chassis keeps it agile. The driver gets a high position to steer this vehicle with greater visibility.

Traction control is great with a 4×4 drive configuration and it constantly remains available. Over bumps and ditches under wheels do not disturb your ride. The suspension does well to absorb road imperfections but moving this big vehicle on narrow streets not easy at all.

If you mostly stay within the city then owning this vehicle, not of any use. The driving routine should determine which kind of vehicle you own. An electronically controlled terrain response system was first introduced to MK3. As you move on rough terrain you can get an appropriate response from the whole vehicle to tackle the change of terrain. By rotating a dial you can select the right kind of response from this vehicle.